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Watch your Mouth in the Public Square

Watch your language! The UK has strange rules about what language can be said on TV and it’s more strict what you can say in public.

Maybe we'd have Bar Peanuts if People Washed their Hands

Is there going to be a renaissance for popcorn makers at all the bars? What happened to all those bowls of peanuts? WHy are people so nasty!?

Why Tipping in the US is Bad but you Should Still Do it!

Jamie and Jay have both lived in cultures where tipping was not the norm (and in some cases, offensive) In this episode, We look at what's up with tipping in the US.

They Have Whole Shops Devoted to Fries?!

“Do You want Frys with that?” Jamie wonders which American meal comes with fries/chips. We also learn there is an entire Chip Shop industry in the UK.

Why was the President Suing All the States?

Jay M. reveals the rather litigious nature of US Politics. It's quite the solo-rant.

Who Fumbled COVID Worse?

Who's getting vaccinated? Is the UK in a second wave. Did the US leave the first one?

Buying Things: Books📚

This week we talk about how we get our books and reading in general. 

I watch Eurovision (I mean the super bowl) for the Violence

The Super Bowl has come and gone!Did Jamie watch it in England? Also is there anything that the UK shuts down for to watch?Ask your question to us on Twitter - @askabr...

I don't know who that is?!

We dive deeper into British pop culture with the question, "Does Great Britain still influence the rest of the world?"

Mum, Poppet, and Alumin(i)um - At least Apple Says them Right!

Can you understand the words comin' out of my mouth!? This week we look at three widely mispronounced words that brits seem to make up reasons for using. All that a...

WTF is a Crumpet!

Haggis, Crumpets, and Blood Sausage. 🤢 This episode covers some pretty "interesting" foods from the UK.

Ep 1: Apparently the UK is a Kinda Racist

We took liberty with a question from the internet. "What does the UK do better than the US" one word - RACISM!

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